Before determining and choosing ฉากกั้นห้อง that must be done is to first determine the function of the room. Does the room partition that will be applied in the interior design of the house will function as a barrier area or just a view barrier. This is important so that in choosing a room partition, it will actually be a partition that matches the function of the room. Both permanent and temporary room partition have their own pros and cons.

Permanent room partitions are usually used to limit rooms that require high privacy. This permanent room partition is usually a wall made of stone or brick. Because it is permanent, this type of room partition does not allow it to be shifted or moved. This is different from temporary partitions or often people call them portable room partitions. This type of partition is temporary in nature and allows you to shift or move it if someday you are bored and bored with the interior design that you apply with that partition.