A product or service that you have will not be known by many people if there is no marketing and proper marketing strategy. For that, it would be better if you use the right strategy and according to your needs. without any marketing or even the right strategy for marketing that you have run, then your product still cannot be known well. You can use geo fencing as a medium to market your marketing.

The existence of geo fencing will indeed facilitate you in marketing existing products or services. So, many people end up choosing to use geofence to market their products. There will be a good and appropriate strategy to be able to market the product if you use geofencing as a way of marketing the right product.

1. Promotion
Promotion is an effort to introduce a business product to consumers as part of a marketing strategy. Make your product introductions to consumers in a creative way. As much as possible, you should make a consistent promotion. However, when doing promotions should still give priority to comfort as part of the business target. So it does not seem to disturb or impose sales targets.

2. Competitor Analysis
In the business, of course, you will face a lot of competition. Experiencing and analyzing the business concepts used by your competitors can be the main capital for you to survive. You can learn to know the advantages and disadvantages of competitors. So this is the second capital for you to compete strictly.

3. Know the Target Market
Before you sell a product, to be able to sell professionally, then you must be a consumer first. By being a user of the product you sell, then you know who your target market is and what they want from the products you sell, so this will make you better understand the market needs and what buyers want from you.

4. Internet Marketing
Today’s increasingly sophisticated technology can provide an opportunity for every business to capture as many potential customers as possible. By displaying your business products on social networking sites, then you can find out how consumers taste and what they need. You can display your business products on websites, blogs, facebooks, and other sites, by installing photographs that can attract consumers.