For those of you who have oily skin, you should use light gel or lotion textured products. The goal, so as not to stimulate the oil glands to be more active. To choose the right product is indeed easy. However, rather than you try the product it is better to consult a skin and genital expert. It’s because the skin that tends to be prone to acne usually will immediately issue a negative reaction when trying out various new products. Apart from that, go to the finest รักษาสิวคลินิก whenever you seek trusted professionals to maintain your facial beauty.

Don’t stay up late

Staying up late and lacking sleep can stimulate the production of the hormone cortisol. This hormone is known as a stress hormone that can aggravate acne and stimulate the formation of new zits. For this reason, if you don’t want pimples to appear easily on your face, try to sleep enough for about 7 hours.

Avoid foods with a high glycemic index

The glycemic index is a value that describes how fast food can affect blood sugar levels. The greater the glycemic index value, the faster the increase in blood sugar levels after eating.

Well, foods with a high glycemic index (above 70) such as white rice, instant noodles, and sweet foods can stimulate inflammation in the skin. In addition, this food group can also enlarge the oil glands and make them more active so that the risk of acne will increase