The bathroom sink is at risk of being clogged by hair and the rest of the shaving activity. The more severe impact of the clogged sewer can be in the form of the overflow of dirty water in the house and the unpleasant odor it causes. Overcoming clogged drains is actually simple and can be done alone without the need to dismantle the pipe joints. Apart from that, we also recommend you to hire the best plumbing service singapore when you’re too busy to repair your sink on your own.

A number of commercial products and natural ingredients can help you deal with clogged drains quickly.

Water channel cleaners made from

chemistry Various products are specifically designed to loosen water drainage. When poured directly into a blocked duct, cleaners with these chemicals work to destroy fat deposits and dirt on the wall of the pipe which causes clogging. The content is also able to kill germs that cause unpleasant odors. If the plug is not lost after the first casting, repeat without the need to use a tool to poke dirt in the pipe. Read and follow the rules for use in cleaning product packaging for households. This advice is not only good for your safety but also to adjust to the drainage of clogged water. How to handle standing water in the kitchen sink is different from how to overcome the drainage in the bathroom.

Natural water purifier with

consideration of safety and environment, some people prefer natural materials to overcome clogged water drains before using the last stance using chemical products. The following methods are proven effective:
Pour one cup of baking soda powder into the clogged drain. Make sure the powder reaches the clogging part in the pipe. Pour in two cups of boiling water and let stand for a few minutes. Add one cup of baking soda powder to the pipe and immediately follow with one cup of vinegar. Cover the sinkhole. You will see the foam and hear the roar of the reaction of the ingredients. Don’t panic, this is a good sign! When the foam is gone, add two cups of boiling water.