Well, children — like adults — use fashion to shape the image they want to show the world. Children see what their friends are using. So, they will feel it is important to have shoes or bags that are trending among their school friends so they can feel ‘united’ with their environment. Even though you will buy clothing for boys, you can do the same thing that is by letting your son choosing the clothes based on their desire and favorite choice.

For many children, choosing clothes helps them position themselves in their social or school environment. So, he continued, instead of forcing the parents to dress up in their children, let them determine their own purchases. Even so, parents still have to determine the standard of dress for their child. Make sure any clothes chosen by children are still decent, polite, and according to their age, and comfortable for the environment and weather. Also, you must explain that at certain events there will be exceptions where they must according to parents to appear more presentable.