To maintain wooden floors and parquet floors well maintained and durable, there are several ways as well as tips for caring for them that we’re going to share with you. Aside from that, you may need to go to the whenever you need to hire the expert tile cleaners near your area.

1. Maintain the moisture off the floor.

Although having resistance to water does not mean that wooden floors or parquet are immune to water. It’s good to take preventive action. When exposed to water, immediately dry it. Water that seeps into the floor has the potential to make it swollen or damaged.

2. Lack of chemicals, environmentally friendly

To prevent damage to the coating or the outer layer of the floor, use environmentally friendly mops. This is done solely to avoid the effects of using chemicals with certain ingredients which slowly but surely can damage the wood layer.

3. Protection of Furniture

While to minimize damage or defects due to scratches or certain furniture loads on the floor, such as desk chairs, cabinets, etc., provide a special base to protect it.

4. Lift not drag

Move furniture / heavy items such as cabinets, beds, buffets, etc. by lifting rather than being dragged to avoid scratches or defects on the floor due to scratches. Or give the base when you want to move it.

5. Scrubber machine

Although it still sounds rare in some countries, one way to treat your wood and parquet floors is to use this machine. The workings of the engine will spray liquid, then soft brushes will appear which immediately clean the surface of the wood floor or parquet floor.

6. New coating

If the outer layer of your wood/parquet floor seems to have faded, you can renew or change the color with a new one. You do this by using a special machine that will function to remove the outer layer and then replace and install a new coating. Of course, this will really help you who want to bring a new atmosphere at home.

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