When you move, you may have to transport glassware, such as plates, glasses and so on. Wrap these items with clothes to be thrown away. Choose clothes that fit the shape and size of the item. If the item is elongated, you can slip it into the trouser pipe. For wide plates, use a shirt. If you need help to move your stuff, you can contact mover singapore http://www.cheapmoverssingapore.com/ .

Arrange these items carefully by stacking them or putting them side by side. Do not slam the item or drop it from a height.
You can also put additional layers of clothing between these items when packing. Add a shirt or trousers made of soft material between them.
Pack ordinary glasses or glassware in long socks.

Leave a few clothes in a chest of drawers. If you are going to bring a closet to a new home, just leave some clothes in it. You can leave light clothes like underwear, socks, shirts, and so on and take out your sweatpants, jeans, jackets and the like. After that, you can determine whether to transport the cabinet as a whole or dismantle the parts. Ask for help from someone who is big, or has the strength of the arm to move the closet.

If the drawer is easy to open and does not have a locking mechanism, it should be removed. Each drawer must be wrapped separately with bubble plastic. Wrap the drawers from all sides several times. Do it until all parts of the drawer are wrapped tightly and the contents will not spill.
If you are going to transport the cabinet in full, the drawer part must be secured. Hook the two ends of the rope. Take the other rope and wrap it around the cupboard past the other row of drawers.
Secure the cupboard in the transport truck. You can use an item strap or a lifting strap. Wrap it around the cabinet tightly and hook the ends on the bottom/side of the truck inside.