Nowadays, in finding a job, it’s easier because you don’t have to visit each office one by one. On the internet, there are many job openings that you can find. You can even visit Jeremy Page to get a job, especially in a startup company. Many people today choose to work in startup companies because they are more flexible.

However, to work at a startup company, there are several skills that you must master first. some of the skills referred to here are

– SEO techniques
One of the skills that you must have in order to be accepted into a start-up company is SEO techniques. Currently, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important in every company. Not only in the world of media but almost every company today also requires an SEO expert. So it doesn’t hurt to learn more about SEO techniques from now on.
You can learn SEO techniques self-taught because there are many tutorials in cyberspace. You can directly watch video tutorials on SEO techniques on Youtube or you can also search for various free classes on websites.

– Marketing strategy
Other skills that you need to take into account are in the field of marketing or marketing strategies. This field of work is now growing rapidly and opening up many new job openings. If in the past marketing was only centered on offline marketing, this time the marketing strategy also developed into the digital domain.
Try to learn more about the ins and outs of today’s marketing world. You might be interested in the way a digital marketer works on a marketing strategy in cyberspace.

– Data analysis
Data analysis is one of the special skills that must be mastered by someone if they want to be accepted to work at a startup. This skill is very important in the world to start up. Data becomes an important thing at a startup because it has an important function in each step of the company. So try to master and understand data analysis since you were in college.