We all know that if a sudden power failure occurs, it can have an impact on the damage to electronic devices that we have electrician singapore. If you know the solution, there is no need to bother calling the electrician’s technician to repair the house’s electricity that goes out on its own. Try to see some things below while waiting for the professional of electrical services singapore that you called.

1. Check the Neighbor Electricity
The first thing to do is to try to calm down while going out to ensure the electricity dies by paying attention to the surrounding houses. If indeed from the center, then there is no need to worry about waiting for later to live again. However, if you experience power failure yourself, it is possible that the KWH meter really needs to be checked.

2. Occurrence of Over Voltage

Try to introspect whether the usage of the electrical load used is enough or not, so that the contract is taken. Generally, the prepaid electricity meter already has automatic Switt to protect the system from excessive heat so as not to endanger it. If there is a usage that exceeds the capacity used by the customer, it is usually also automatic.

3. Check KWH Meter

If the KWH meter is still on, there is usually a red light indicator so that it is not from a problematic home electric current. If the lights are off, usually the electricity from the center also dies due to the SR network cable, but that is a small possibility.

4. The fuse on the Fusebox is less tight

Please check first and press it until it’s really strong. Can also replace it with a Box Automatic Circuit Breaker so that it is not easy. Usually, this kind of thing rarely happens if you have used a Box Automatic Circuit Breaker except for electricity that is indeed extinguished or there is a temporary blackout. If you buy it automatically, don’t forget to buy the original product, not the one with the wrong product, which is now found at cheaper prices, but the quality is less convincing.