Have you installed an antivirus? Antivirus has the function of maintaining, securing, finding, and destroying viruses that threaten computer systems multi factor authentication. The spread of the virus actually occurs more through the flash drive. Therefore protection using antivirus is very important. No need to use expensive antivirus. Free antivirus is enough. However, there is no harm in using two security systems at once, as long as their functions do not conflict. Apart from that, check out the excellent multi factor authentication as well, if you wish to improve the safety of your computers or gadgets, especially for protecting the passwords.

Update your OS patch when available

OS or Operating System is the operating system of the computer you are using. For example Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Periodically, OS developers add patch updates to the operating system. If when you are using a computer and an update notification appears, then do an update on your OS. Every update means there are improvements, and it does not rule out the possibility of added security enhancements.

Use a Firewall

Think of your computer as housing. So, a firewall is a security guard. Firewalls are responsible for monitoring data entry and exit, from the internet to your computer, or from your computer to the internet. This monitoring function is to ensure that the files that come are safe files, and also ensure that the outgoing files are not files that were taken forcibly / stolen. If the data coming out to the internet occurs without your permission, the firewall will immediately block the process of sending the data and block the file applicant.

In general, firewalls are also effective in filtering viruses, trojans, e-mail tapping, and spyware that record data input on your computer. Firewalls also filter and check incoming and outgoing data traffic, ensuring all data traffic occurs because of your permission.