Ever experienced wall paint peeling even though the painting process has not been done long ago? Not a few people experience this kind of thing. What exactly is the cause of this? Walls that have not been completely dry, but have been painted can indeed cause the paint to easily peel off. Forgot to use base paint before final painting can also cause the results of painting the walls to be bad and easy to peel off. You can shop around to find out the best interior painting woodstock company.

There are several ways to overcome paint that is easily peeled off. However, you need to ascertain the cause first. If peeling occurs because of a leak, repair the source of the leak as soon as possible. If left to linger, damage can get worse.

For that, you also need to look at the quality of water pipes or gutters. Good quality water pipes are usually more durable and durable. In contrast, poor pipe materials tend to be easily damaged and broken.

Clean or remove old paint if the adhesive is not in good condition. Then, cover with primer first. Wait until it’s completely dry, then after that, you repaint the wall with good quality new paint. If necessary, paint the house with a type of waterproof paint to anticipate water permeation.

If a neighbor’s house is directly adjacent to the house (a wall or a single wall) and that part is a bathroom, you should cover the wall once more so that water seepage does not easily enter your part of the house.

As much as possible, avoid building houses during the rainy season. During the rainy season, building materials generally have a high level of water content. The risk is that building a house that is not optimal or peeling paint can happen. During the rainy season, the weather tends to be damp, paint is not easy to dry. If you force yourself to paint, don’t be surprised if the paint is easy to peel.