Cinema is actually one of the most exciting places that people could visit. It’s fun, the atmosphere is more artistic and theatrical, all the while the sound and effects of the movies may feel better there. Unfortunately, some people may don’t like to go to such a fine place of entertainment, and we’d like to share with you some reasons behind it. Apart from that, visit this Website if you wish to know the list of ticket prices at the cinema near your area.

They don’t like strangers

Some people may have a special psychological condition that makes them don’t feel comfortable or even panic when they’re being surrounded by many unknown people.

They hate darkness

As you may have experienced, a cinema studio will stay dark during the entire movie duration. This isn’t exactly a good thing for those who feel uncomfortable with darkness.

They simply want to save money

As you can expect, watching a movie at the cinema costs you. For those who really need to save up their money, they either will very rarely visit the cinema, or simply only watch movies there when they’ve got discounted prices for tickets, or when their friends pay the tickets for them.